Here goes nothing…

Over the past few months, I have spent hours upon hours reading blog posts. I had never been one to follow blogs before, but I found a new hobby. This new hobby was: earning miles/points. It required tons of research and therefore I found myself pouring over blog after blog looking for ways to earn more miles and more points.

This hobby was discovered in January 2015. I was recently engaged to my soon to be wife and we were discussing our honeymoon options. I started doing research about travel deals, which lead me to a Flyertalk. This forum was filled with information. All these crazy posters using acronyms like UR, YMMV, MR, MS. I had no idea what anybody was talking about, but I wanted to know more. After all these people had 10,000x more miles than me (which isn’t difficult considering that I only had about 1,000 in miles from a paid flight on JetBlue).

As my fiance and I begin to plan our wedding/honeymoon, I realized there was going to be a lot of expenses (FYI… weddings cost ALOT). I started to realize that I could easily meet a spending requirement on some of these credit cards. Prior to the discovery of this hobby, I had a Chase Freedom and a Discover More credit card. Looking back, these were both great starter cards. They both had no annual fees and good cashback options. I digress. I decided my first card in this new miles game would be the Chase British Airways Visa. It had a fairly low minimum spending requirement ($2k) and a bonus of 50k avios. I knew I could meet the minimum spending by paying for the NY cruise we had booked for our honeymoon. Additionally, I figured I could use the Avios to book flights from Seattle to New York.


All this to say, I had a plan. I will go over more about my first adventure through the miles/points world in another blog post. The reason why I decided to start a blog was that I realized that I all of the bloggers seemed to be experts at this miles and points game. However, I would consider myself a novice at best. As with any hobby, I want to get better at it. I will continue to improve my strategies and plans, but there will be some stumbling along the way. I never thought I would start a blog, but I figured… what the heck. This blog is a chance for me to share what I am learning as novice continuing to pursue this hobby. I hope my posts will be insightful and helpful to those of you who are new to this hobby of earning miles and points for cheaper travel.