My First AOR

AOR stand for App-O-Rama. It is basically where you apply for multiple credit cards at a time. There are a couple different reasons for applying for multiple cards:

  • New accounts won’t show up on your credit report until after the first statement has closed.
  • You can sometimes combine hard pulls (depending on the bank).
  • If the applications are submitted at the exact same time, one bank might not see the other bank’s inquiry.

After weeks of research, I finally decided to take my shot. I had applied for the Chase Sapphire and Amex Everyday back in July and met those spending minimums. I was starting to get antsy and bored having no spending minimums to meet. Plus I had a bunch of wedding expenses to cover. Our wedding is 16 days away.

I follow about 4-5 different blogs as well as forums such as Flyertalk and Reddit. I decided that I was definitely going to apply for the Chase Ink Plus. It is ideal with the 5x UR at office supply stores. In other words, it is the ideal MS credit card. I also realized that my eBay reselling business could qualify for this business credit card. I didn’t want to take any chances of not getting the Chase Ink Plus card so I decided not to apply for any other cards until I was approved. I applied on 8/14 and my application went to pending. I took the suggestion of many bloggers and didn’t call the reconsideration line. Sure enough. One week later I was approved.

As soon as I was approved, I applied for the SPG Business and Personal using referral links from one of my friends. I wanted SPG points because my current travel goal is for a trip for me and my wife-to-be to go to Disney World. I’ll try and write a blog post about planning our Disney vacation. I was sure to apply for the SPG Personal first, which I was auto-approved for. Then, in a separate window I submitted the SPG Business application, which went to pending. I am assuming that I will probably have to call them and explain why I applied for both cards. I will most likely use the reasoning that I want to keep my business and personal expenses separate.

If all goes as planned, I’ll have 50k UR and 60k SPG for $13k of spending. I should be able to manufacture some of this spending and then also put wedding/honeymoon expenses on my cards. All of the annual fees are waived for the first year on these cards. I will probably only keep one of the SPG cards next year, but we’ll see.

UPDATE: Come to find out… AMEX will only let you apply for one card a day (unless it’s a charge card and a credit card). Therefore, my business application has been put on hold. Looks like I won’t be getting that card until after my honeymoon.