Life is busy

My intentions for this blog was to document my journey in this hobby.

Yet, I haven’t written in the past 4 months. Mostly because of the fact that I’ve been adjusting to married life and also studying for the CPA exam.

However, this hasn’t gotten in the way of my hobby. While I haven’t been blogging about it, there have been lots of deals and promotions that I’ve taken advantage of over the past few months.

In October, I applied for the Southwest Plus and Southwest Business Premier credit cards. The reason I applied for these two cards is for the 50k sign up bonus. The sum of which is equal to 100k Rapid Rewards miles. With 110k points in a calendar year, you receive the coveted Companion Pass, which allows you to designate a companion to fly with you for free. As a traveler looking to book travel for me and my wife, the companion pass would save us hundreds of dollars and allow us to explore the US.

Unfortunately, not everything always goes according to plan. My Southwest Plus card was automatically approved, but my Southwest Business Premier application went to pending. I applied for both of these cards within an hour to hopefully combine hard pulls on my credit report. A couple weeks later I received a letter in the mail noting that my business credit report was too thin and that I had too many recent credit card accounts opened. I had been denied. 🙁 I tried calling Chase reconsideration several times, but was not able to get them to change their mind.

My new plan is to apply for the Southwest Premier (personal) card at the beginning of January before people’s 50k referral links expire. There are rumors that the 50k offer may go away for good, which would make the Southwest Companion Pass significantly harder to obtain.