Hot Pot Encouragement

Another month… Another blog post.


It seems that I am only getting around to writing something once a month. The difficult part about blogging is feeling like you don’t have anything to share that hasn’t already been shared.


However, yesterday I was reminded and encouraged to blog more. At hot pot with some friends, the bill came to the table and the discussion of who wanted to put it on their card and who had cash came up. Somebody in our group asked who has the Chase Sapphire Preferred. I of course showed my nice metal card and thus ensued the discussion about credit cards, airline miles, and travel hacking. Throughout this conversation, I realized how much knowledge I had to share with this group of people. It is often easy to forget that a lot of this information is not common knowledge. I am currently part of a team/group of bloggers and other travel hackers that are constantly sharing this type of information with each other. All this to say, after my dinner conversation many people encouraged me that I should blog about the information that I shared with them.


I have decided it is a waste of time for me to try to be the first blogger to write about the newest deal (which is what I felt like I needed to do when I first started blogging). Instead, I will just write about what I do or tips/tricks that I’ve learned along the way. I continue to learn new things about this hobby everyday.



Picking Up the Bill

At the end of the night, I ended up picking up the bill for about 5 of 12 people who were at dinner plus my wife and I. For our hot pot meal, the bill was roughly $30/person after tax and gratuity. The people I paid for sent me money via cash or Venmo (setup similar to Paypal, which allows you to send money to friends). Therefore, I was able to put $210 of spend on my Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) and was reimbursed (in cash/Venmo) for $150 of that expense. Since the CSP receives 2 Ultimate Rewards (UR) for every dollar spent on dining/travel, I basically was able to get 300 UR for $0. Of course I had to pay $60 for my wife and I too, which gave us an extra 120 UR, but that’s not the point. The point is picking up the dinner tab is a great way to get extra points or meet minimum spending with little to no cost. Of course you have to be with friends that will actually pay you back and won’t short you money.