Credit Card Referral Bonus Points

Credit card referrals is one of most painless ways to earn points/miles.


AMEX SPG Referral Page

Many credit cards offer referral bonuses. The basic concept is…

  1. You refer/suggest a card to your friend
  2. That friend applies and is approved for the card
  3. The bank has a new customer
  4. You receive bonus points for referring
  5. Your friend receives sign up bonus
  6. Everybody wins!

Here are some things to be aware of…

  • The friend must use the specific referral link for you to receive points. I can’t stress this enough. They must click and apply through your link.
  • You can email yourself a referral and copy the link in the email to give to people. I’ve posted all my referral links. No pressure, but if you do use them, thank you SO much! 🙂
  • You won’t know when your link is used until the bonus points appear in your account (see screenshot below). This is due to confidentiality.
  • You can use your referral link when applying for a credit card for a significant other. For instance, when my wife applied for the Chase Sapphire, she used my referral link.
  • Each card has a certain limit on how many referral bonus points you can receive in a given period.
  • There are times when your referral link does not offer the highest available sign up bonus to your friend. In this case, you should let your friend know that there is a better offer out there. Well… I guess that depends on how good of friends you are with the person.
  • Never push someone to apply to a credit card just so you can get referral bonus points. Especially if they are in credit card debt.
  • You’ll only get referral points if they are approved and use the card.
  • There are several websites out there that will let you post your credit card referral links for other people to use.
  • Chase referrals are targeted. Meaning it usually takes 2-3 months before you have the ability to generate referral links. Check here: Chase Refer a Friend


Receiving referral bonus points is always a nice surprise. Although, it obviously isn’t something that you can consistently count on.


Bonus UR from CSP Refer-A-Friend