My March App-o-Rama

This past Thursday, I did my first App-O-Rama (AoR) of 2016. The other cards I’ve applied for in 2016 have been one off applications, Chase Southwest Premier Personal in January (for SW Companion Pass) and CitiBank ThankYou Premier in February (50k TYP before the sign up bonus decreased).

If you want to read about my strategy for applying for credit cards see my post here.

With the news out about Chase adding the 5/24 rule to co-branded cards, I figured I might as well try for them before the rule went into effect. These would be my 7th and 8th Chase cards.

Chase IHG Select Mastercard – 80k Signup Bonus – Approved!

This was the main card I was targeting. I had to do my application over the phone to get the 80k bonus, which was an interesting experience. Definitely worth the extra 20k IHG points though, which I plan on using for our London stay in December. This card also comes with 1 free annual night at any IHG hotel, which outweighs the $49 annual fee. Therefore, I plan on keeping this card long term.

Chase United MileagePlus Explorer – 50k Signup Bonus + 5k AU Bonus – Approved!

Chase combines hard pulls for personal applications submitted on the same day. I was debating on this card or the Hyatt card. However, I couldn’t figure out what Hyatt location we would stay at that would make good use of the signup bonus. Therefore, I decided to go with the United card. You can’t go wrong with United miles and it opens up some additional award availability. I’ll definitely be cancelling this card before the annual fee hits next year.

Barclay Arrival Plus – $400 Signup Bonus – Approved!

I didn’t have a 2% card and I like the idea of being able to use this card for random travel expenses that can’t be covered on points. My plan is to use the signup bonus to cover our AirBNB for our Amsterdam trip. This card will most likely be my go to card when there aren’t category bonuses.

AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest – Business – 35k Signup Bonus – Pending to Approved

With the increased signup bonus (normally 25k), I couldn’t resist. I love the SPG program. There are some great redemption options! When I first applied, this application gave me a message that they needed to further review my application. Fast forward to Friday night, I received an email stating I was approved and the card would arrive in 2-3 business days.

I thought about adding the Citi AAdvantage to my AoR, but I have no idea what I would do with AA miles right now. I also considered applying for the Bank of America Alaska card, but I want to get the 30k bonus (rumored to be offered in May) instead of the current 25k bonus. After all is said and done, I’ll have ~160k points + $400 for $11k of spend.