Earning 3,400 UR in less than 30 mins

In less than 30 minutes, I earned 3,400 UR, $5.60, and $54.40 eBay bucks. How you ask?

Yesterday and today, eBay is running an increased eBay Bucks promotion where you basically get 8% back on your purchases. These eBay Bucks accumulate for three months and come in a certificate at the end of the quarter. You can earn up to $500/quarter.

eBay had $100 and $200 Sears gift cards on sale for $85 and $170, respectively. Before buying these I checked to see how much money I’d get for selling Sears e-gift cards to another gift card website. ABC Gift Cards was buying Sears gift cards for 84% of the value. In other words, I could sell the $100 e-gift card to ABC for $84 and the $200 e-gift card for $168. It gets better!

The eBay seller, PayPal Digital Gifts, codes as an internet/cable/phone/office supplies on the Chase Ink Business Card. This means that you get 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards for these purchases. Furthermore, I used the shopping portal, Splender, which earned me 2% back.

I ended up buying 2x $200 and 4x $100 Sears gift cards. Here is the cost/profit breakdown (negative costs are revenue):

  • Amount Paid:             $680.00
  • Portal Earnings:            (13.60)
  • eBay Bucks (8%):          (54.40)
  • Credit Card Rewards:  (34.00)
  • Sale of Gift Card:        (672.00)
  • Total Profit:                ($94.00)

My total profit is calculating if I were to redeem the Chase UR at 1 cent per point. However, I know that I’ll get at least 3.2 cents per point due to the fact that I have the Southwest Companion Pass and I can transfer Chase UR to Southwest. Therefore, my estimated profit is probably closer to $168.80. Either way, I was able to do all of this in less than 30 mins. Deals like these go quickly so I’ve learned to never procrastinate. After purchasing the gift cards on eBay, it took about 20 minutes to receive the gift cards from Paypal Digital Gifts. Then I quickly sold the gift cards to ABC Gift Cards, which took about 5 minutes.

I will receive my check in the mail from ABC Gift Cards in a week or two, which I’ll use to pay off my Chase Ink+ credit card balance. Assuming the payment checks are not delayed, I won’t have to actually float any money at all.