Setting Some Financial Goals

Throughout my time in college, I learned the importance of setting goals. I was never really very good at recording these goals. They were just kind of floating around in my head. Accomplish this. Do this. Have this done by this date. However, as I have moved into the professional world and gotten married, I’ve realized the importance of recording these goals. One reason to record them is to feel like you accomplished something when you do complete said goal. Another reason is for some sense of accountability. There are countless other reasons to record the goals that you set for yourself.

While I have certain travel goals in mind, I also have decided to post some of my non-travel goals. Check out my new page here: Click Here. Most of them are financial goals that I’ve made for myself. There are a couple non-financial goals as well. The reason I am posting my goals on this website is mostly for me to track my own progress and remind myself where I want to be in 5-10 years. Some of these goals are kind of ambitious, but none of them are impossible. Documenting and recording these goals will help me continue to keep in mind the value of wealth accumulation.