When Do Credit Card Points/Miles Post?

After you put spend on a rewards credit card, most people begin to wonder when they’ll see the points/miles show up. This differs depending on the financial institution that issues the credit card. I have credit cards with five of the popular financial institutions and have done research on the other ones to find out when the points post. Here is what I found about each of the respective financial institutions:


Points or miles typically post the day after your statement closes or a couple days later. If they are UR points, they’ll go from pending to available the day after your statement closes. If they are miles/points from a co-branded card it can take up to 2-3 days for them to post to your loyalty program account. I really like the fact that Chase shows the UR that is pending. You can also view individual transactions that have posted to see how many points you received.


Similar to Chase, Citi posts points and miles a day or two after your statement closes.  There is no way to check how much a specific transaction earned until after the statement closes.

Capital One

I personally don’t have any Capital One cards, but from what I’ve read it sounds like points earned from credit card spending post and are redeemable as soon as the transaction posts to the statement.


Cashback posts after statement closes.


Points/cashback activity updates throughout the month and you have the ability to see points earned on specific transactions. However, you cannot redeem the points for cashback until your statement closes.

American Express

For co-branded cards (i.e. SPG, Delta, etc.), AMEX posts the points to your respective loyalty accounts with a few days of statement closing. However, with Membership Rewards (MR) accounts you will not receive your points until two statements after the points have been earned. For instance, if I earn 500 MR for my January statement, I will not receive MR until my the February statement closes.

Bank of America

Similar to Chase and Citi, Bank of America posts points and miles a day or two after your statement closes.

There are obviously some other banks out there (Wells Fargo, US Bank, etc.) that I do not have experience with nor could I find any information about. If you have input from your experience with the banks listed above or other banks, let me know I’d love to add it to this post. Thanks!