Spending My Q1 eBay Bucks

eBay Bucks2For those of you who don’t know, eBay Bucks are earned from purchasing items on eBay. You can earn 2% back in eBay bucks. Furthermore, eBay often runs targeted promotions that allow you to earn 8% or even 10% in eBay Bucks sometimes. You accumulate eBay Bucks throughout the quarter (Jan-Mar) and then are issued a certificate in the month after the quarter ends. You can earn up to $500 of eBay bucks per quarter. This certificate can be used whenever you buy something on eBay. However, keep in mind the certificate expires the following month.┬áThe other great thing about eBay bucks is you earn them on top of any portal earnings. I’m currently using the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal because I am trying to save up for a first class flight experience to Asia. I’ll be sure to discuss my Asia plans in a future blog post.

Here is a screenshot of my earnings for Q1 2016:

eBay Bucks

Now you may be wondering how I earned $325 in eBay bucks. This is primarily from a few items I purchased to resell as well as some gift card arbitrage.

Now what do you do with your eBay Bucks certificate? Obviously you can just use the certificate for regular eBay purchases over the course of the month. Many people I know just buy an eBay gift card that they use for later purchases.

What did I do with my eBay bucks? I used my certificate plus some other eBay gift cards I had on hand to buy $450 of Target gift cards from eBay. Why do I need $450 to Target? Actually I don’t. The reason I buy Target GCs is so that I can use them to buy eBay gift cards using my 5% RedCard discount. Essentially this means turning $450 into $472 of eBay GCs. I will then either use these eBay GCs to buy more Target GCs (and repeat the process) or use them to buy items for┬áreselling or gift card arbitrage. eBay recently got rid of their policy that limited the amount of gift cards you could use in a certain period of time (HT: Doctor of Credit). Since these limits were removed, it makes gift card churning that much easier.

Still have questions about eBay bucks? Be sure to read their FAQ section.