New Website: Churnbase

I am a pretty active member of the community on the subreddit: churning.

One of the members of the community recently created a website, Churnbase, using a bunch of the datapoints from people on the subreddit. This new website is actually a useful tool in applying for new credit cards.


This website combines datapoints and presents in a format that is visually appeasing. This data can be helpful when you are trying to figure out your “odds” of getting approved for a specific cards. It also shows referral links that you can use. Overall, the website is just starting out, but I really like the information and data that it has so far. It has data about credit card applications and retention attempts. This can help you get an idea of what types of offers are out there and whether or not you have a chance at getting approved.

Of course websites like this are only as good as the data that is put into them. Therefore, if you want to contribute to the website, feel free to put in your credit card information. You can even add your personal referral links to this website as well.