2 Free Nights at The US Grant Hotel


My wife had a promotion on her SPG account back in October 2015. The promotion gave one free night at any SPG hotel (category 1-5) if you completed one stay between October-December. Back in December, we stayed at the Four Points in Bellingham to take advantage of this promotion. The free night from the promotion had to be used between January 1 and April 30th. Since this was during my busy season at work, we couldn’t really travel until after April 15th. We figured we’d do a weekend getaway to San Diego in celebration of being done with busy season.

This probably wasn’t the best use of the coveted SPG points (only 1.9 cents/per point), but we wanted to use the SPG free night award on a luxury experience and this seemed like a good option for a weekend getaway. We weren’t disappointed. The US Grant was beautiful and luxurious. For more info check out my Trip Report – San Diego.

We paid for our Southwest flights using Rapid Rewards points and our companion pass, which allows me to add my wife as a companion to any of my flights. We booked these 5+ months in advance, which means we got pretty cheap flights. To make things even better… because our flight was delayed over 3 hours from San Diego to Seattle. Southwest gave all of the passengers $100 LUV vouchers. The LUV vouchers for me is worth essentially $400 since we have the companion pass. It is worth nothing that LUV vouchers only last one year from the date they are issued. While the delay was a slight inconvenience, we now have an extra $200 to spend on Southwest flights. The delay also gave us a little more time to explore San Diego.

Below is the estimated value versus cost incurred. Of course these costs don’t include meals/snacks and other activities, which totaled to around ~$150.

Estimated Value:

  • US Grant Hotel, San Diego, CA – $230/night x 2 = $460
  • Southwest (SW) Flights
    • Seattle > San Diego > Seattle = $221 (round-trip) x 2 = $442
  • LUV Vouchers = $200

Actual Costs Incurred:

  • Cost of Four Points in Bellingham, WA: $96 = One Free Night Award (promotion on my wife’s account)
  • Cost of 12k SPG Points = Free (won during SPG Design Hotels puzzle game)
  • Cost of SW Flights: 12,096 SW Rapid Rewards + Companion Pass + Taxes ($11.20/per person)

Total Value/Costs:

  • Total Value: $460 + $442 + $200 (LUV Vouchers) = $1,102
  • Total Cash Paid: $96 + $22.40 = $123.40
  • Total Points Redeemed: 12k SPG and ~12k SW RR