Lounge Review: AMEX Centurion Studio – SEA Airport

American Express Centurion Studio – SeaTacIMG_2657

This airport lounge is located at the SeaTac Airport in Concourse B. It is open daily from 5am to 10pm. You can receive access to this lounge (and several others) by having an AMEX Platinum card. Each card member can bring up to two guests with them at no additional charge.

Our Experience

We paid our first visit to the SeaTac Centurion Lounge on the Friday night of Memorial Day weekend. Note this was our first airport lounge experience. We were on our way down to Phoenix for the long weekend. This was our first trip since I received my new AMEX Platinum card in the mail. We arrived at the lounge around 7:35pm or so. When we walked in we were greeted by two friendly AMEX agents. They swiped my AMEX Platinum card and requested to see my boarding pass. The agent taking care of us noted that the lounge was pretty crowded tonight. He handed us a card with the Wi-Fi password and proceeded to help us find two seats together at the counter/bar area.


Within a few minutes, a hostess came around and asked if we would like any drinks. I ordered a Manny’s Pale Ale and my wife got a Peach Bellinni. My wife was pleasantly surprised that everything was free! We enjoyed some snacks, which consisted of small sandwiches, chips, grapes, cheese, crackers, and soup. There was also several other beverage options as well.

Because our flight was delayed about 45 minutes we ended up spending about an hour and a half in the airport lounge. Around 8:20pm the lounge cleared out and we were able to grab more comfortable seats. My guess is there were a few flights which departed at 9pm. After we got situated in our new seats, I ordered another beer and grabbed a Jones soda from the mini fridge near the bar.

IMG_2667The studio was kind of small and when we arrived it seemed packed to the brim. Not necessarily the most relaxing atmosphere. Once the lounge started clearing out, my wife and I definitely enjoyed being able to relax in comfortable seating with plenty of outlets to charge our devices. The food and drink selection was pretty good, but I’ve heard other lounges have much more to offer in terms of food. Overall, this lounge is extremely convenient for us since we’re always flying out of the B Gates at SeaTac on Southwest flights (thanks to our Companion Pass). We look forward to visiting the other Centurion Lounges across the US, which have even more amenities.

Update 1/4/17: We’ve been here several times since our first visit. The greeters and servers are always super friendly and accommodating. However, this lounge is almost always full and pretty cramped right now. Last time we showed up, it took 15 minutes or so before we found a table. Luckily, they are currently in the process of expanding the lounge, which should help.

Update 5/3/17: We visited the lounge in mid-April and the new additional space had been opened. It was 6am when we arrived at the lounge so we weren’t really in the mood to try any of their cocktails. Here are some pictures of the new full bar area:

This is the nice view from the expanded lounge area:

The Centurion Studio – SeaTac still doesn’t have a full kitchen so the food they provide is more like a heavy snack. Although, you can usually make their breakfast spread into a meal. Overall, the new expanded space is definitely an upgrade especially since the drinks are free.