Targeted Promo: Chase Ink+ 25% Bonus

I recently made a PayPal Digital Gifts purchase on my Chase Ink+ and noticed the following:


You’ll notice the usual +1 points and +4 bonus points (total of 5x UR at office supply), but there’s also a 25% bonus on all purchases of 200 points. The 25% bonus seems to be attached to the 800 bonus points earned from the office supply store bonus not the base points of 200 (800 x 25% = 200). Therefore, with the 25% bonus I’m effectively getting 6 UR/$1 spent on office supply stores and utilities.

I’m not sure who was targeted for this bonus, but maybe its due to the fact that my card anniversary is coming up. All this to say, I’m not complaining about the extra Ultimate Rewards. Not sure how long this promotion will last, but be sure to check your Ink+ accounts to see if you were targeted. It seems that transactions posted after 7/1/16 are earning the 25% bonus.

It’s kind of odd to me that Chase wouldn’t email me and let me know about the promotion attached to my card. I will definitely be using this card more frequently. I’ll update this post as I find out more information. Anyone else have this 25% spending bonus on their Chase Ink+?

Update 1: According to user Enuratique on reddit, he received the same 25% bonus on his July purchases. His card anniversary is in July, which further confirms my theory that it is targeted at accounts that have an upcoming card anniversary.

Update 2: A charge for non-bonused spend just posted and I received the 25% bonus on this transaction as well. So it’s pretty much 1.25 UR/$1 for non-bonused spend and 6 UR/$1 for office supply stores and utilities. I assume that gas station and hotel spend (normally 2 UR/$1) will work out to be 2.25 UR/$1 since it wouldn’t matter if the 25% bonus is based of the bonus points or the base points (both would be 1 UR/$1).


Update 3: I just had a few transactions post in August and I’m still earning the 25% bonus. I had originally figured the promotion would last until the end of July, but this gives me even more time to max out my Ink+ category bonus.

Update 4: Looks like the promotion ended in September. All October transactions no longer have the 25% bonus. It was definitely nice while it lasted. Because of this awesome promotion, I didn’t even bother calling for a retention offer.