Saturday Summary – 7/8/16

Here is a list of blog posts this past week that I found informative or useful:

DEAD DEAL! Target $400 Visa gift cards for $401 by MilesPerDay – This is a great reminder to think outside the box. Some of the best deals out there aren’t posted on blogs.

[Targeted] Get Southwest Companion Pass Until End Of 2017 With 5 Roundtrip (Or 10 One Way) Flights To/From California (Or Denver) by DoctorOfCredit – Since the Southwest cards are now under 5/24, this is a great way to get the Southwest Companion Pass. Especially if you already had travel plans to/from California. Log into your frequent flyer account and see if you were targeted.

A Guide To Finding Super Cheap Flights by TravelisFree – This post has some great tools and suggestions for looking for cheap flights.

Hyatt Changing Award Prices at 16% of Hotels on August 1 by ViewFromTheWing – Hyatt is increasing and decreasing the categories for several hotels around the world. If you’re thinking about staying at a hotel that is going up a category, consider booking it before August 1st.