Utilizing Our Southwest Companion Pass

The Southwest Companion Pass is by far one of the best travel hacking deals out there especially for couples. The Southwest Companion Pass allows you to add a designated companion to any of your Southwest flights. This includes flights booked on points or cash. This basically means you get two tickets for the price of one.

Companion Pass Screenshot

We earned our Companion Pass roughly 4 months ago in March. So far my wife and I have saved roughly ~$2,000 because of the Companion Pass and we haven’t even had it for a year yet.

Completed Trips
  1. SEA > SAN > SEA – Weekend in San Diego
  2. SEA > MCO > MSP > SEA – Walt Disney World and my sister’s graduation in Minneapolis
  3. SEA > PHX > SEA – Memorial Day Weekend in Arizona
  4. SEA > SNA > SEA – 4th of July Weekend to visit family
Upcoming Trips
  1. SEA > LAS > SEA – Travel Hacking Meetup
  2. SEA > MDW > SEA – Labor Day Weekend in Chicago
  3. SEA > DEN > SEA – Cousin’s Wedding
  4. SEA > DAL > SEA – Re-positioning Flights for Madrid, Spain
  5. SEA > OKC > SEA – Weekend Trip to Visit College Friends


See table below for the breakdown of costs by flight:
Flight Rapid Rewards Approximate Cost in USD
SEA > SAN 4,941 $78.56
SAN > SEA 7,155 $113.76
SEA > MCO 7,122 $113.24
MCO > MSP 7,123 $113.26
MSP > SEA 7,774 $123.61
SEA > PHX 9,953 $158.25
PHX > SEA 9,954 $158.27
SEA > SNA 6,569 $104.45
SNA > SEA 5,819 $92.52
SEA > LAS 5,016 $79.75
LAS > SEA 9,837 $156.41
SEA > MDW 9,302 $147.90
MDW > SEA 12,589 $200.17
SEA > DEN 4,815 $76.56
DEN > SEA 4,815 $76.56
SEA > DAL 7,762 $123.42
DAL > SEA 10,038 $159.60
SEA > OKC 9,402 $149.49
OKC > SEA 9,402 $149.49
Total 149,388 $2,375.27

If we did not have the companion pass, all of these trips would have cost us double what we paid. Therefore, we would have had to spend ~298k Rapid Rewards. Instead we only paid ~149k plus taxes and fees for both of us to fly on all these flights. That’s a savings of over $2,000! Not to mention of those 149k points that we’ve used so far, 110k of them were earned from signing up for the two Southwest credit cards and meeting the minimum spend of $2,000 per card. The other 39k points were transferred from the Chase Ultimate Rewards program. I always book our Southwest flights on points because they can be more easily changed, adjusted, or cancelled.

We’ve saved so much money so far and we still get to enjoy the benefits of the companion pass till December 2017! While I am not crazy about Southwest’s boarding process or its lack of airline partners, I am willing to put up with it because of how much money we save with the companion pass. You can get your own companion pass by following my guide here.