Spending My Q2 eBay Bucks

Back in April, I highlighted what I spent my eBay Bucks on that I collected in Quarter 1 of 2016. I figured I’d continue and share what I earned and bought for Quarter 2. I just received the email below, which reminded me that I should write this post.


There weren’t nearly as many eBay Bucks promotions in Q2. I think there was actually one that I didn’t get targeted for as well. I also just didn’t find many good deals that were worth reselling. Therefore, I only earned ~$150 in eBay Bucks for Q2.

So what did I spend it on? I needed a $25 Southwest Gift Card to cover the taxes/fees on some upcoming flights so I grabbed on of those. With the remaining $125, I ended up buying 5 $50 K-Mart gift cards at $44 a piece. This came out to a total of $220 so I covered the rest ($95) with some discounted eBay gift cards. I should be able to sell these K-Mart gift cards for about $43 each. After you factor in the portal earnings and additional eBay bucks earned, I’ll pretty much break-even.

Hopefully there will be more eBay Bonus Bucks promotions in Quarter 3. I have started to ramp up my gift card reselling due to the fact that I found a reputable buyer who has great rates. My goal is to get at least $400 eBay Bucks this upcoming quarter.