Under 25? Rent a Car via USAA

Underage Driver Fee

Renting a car when you’re under 25 is a pain! Why? Because most car rental companies charge you a ridiculous underage driver fee (typically $25/day) even if you’re 24 and a half years old. This can definitely add up especially when you consider that this can nearly double the daily cost of a car rental if you’re just looking to rent a basic economy car.

USAA Promo Codes

I recently found out that you can sign up for a USAA account even if you’re not a military member. Based on all the commercials and advertisements, I always thought USAA was only for military members. However, USAA actually stands for United States Automobile Association. What I learned is that you can sign up for a USAA account for free, but only military can have financial products with them. So basically you just have an account, but not checking/loans/insurance through them.

So all you have to do is create a USAA account. You can then search for car rental discounts. This will bring you to a portal page, which provides promo codes for the following four rental companies: Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz. When clicking through these links, you’ll get a discounted rate and the underage driver fee will be waived. It is worth noting that there are some locations out there that do not waive the underage driver fee. For instance, when we were looking to rent a car in Juneau, AK for a friend’s wedding, the website noted that the location we had selected does not waive the underage driver fee.


We just rented a car through Avis for a trip to visit my wife’s family in Northern California. We saved over $75 on a three day car rental by booking through USAA! We also enrolled in Avis Preferred (free with USAA), which gave us a priority line that literally checked my ID and handed us the keys. So quick and easy! Booking car rentals through USAA is a great tool for people who are under 25 who need to rent a car.