Reselling Carrie Underwood Tickets

We bought these Carrie Underwood tickets for a show in Seattle, WA during an American Express presale on Ticketmaster. We actually planned on going to the concert to celebrate our anniversary.ticketmastercarrieunderwood

After taxes and fees, we ended up spending $125.36 for two upper level tickets in Section 227, Row 6.

A few weeks before the concert we looked at our calendars and realized that the week of the concert was going to be really busy. We also decided we’d rather spend our entertainment budget to go to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field during our trip to Chicago.

I originally listed the tickets for $100 each on StubHub and uploaded the PDF tickets. About two weeks prior to the concert, I looked at ticket prices and noticed there were several other sellers with similar tickets priced around $80-90. I ended up lowering the price to $83/ticket. Ironically, they sold on the same day we attended the Cubs game. This was roughly 4 days before the concert.

After StubHub fees, I received a PayPal payment of $149.90. Total Cost = $125.36. Therefore, we made a small profit of $24.54 plus 125 SPG points. I thought we might end up selling these tickets at a loss so I was pretty happy with the small profit we made.