Completing Minimum Spend on CSR

We just finished meeting our minimum spend for my wife’s Chase Sapphire Reserve with about a month and half to spare. If you’re anything like us, $4,000 is a lot to spend on personal expenses. So how did we meet the minimum spend of $4,000 so quickly?

Spending Breakdown

Here a graph of the breakdown of our spending over the first month and a half:


Any time we could use a credit card, you better believe we put it on our new Sapphire Reserve cards. Grocery charges made up for about 12% of the spending while restaurant expenses only accounted for about 6%. I won’t go into further detail on these categories because these monthly expenses are pretty much built into our budget. The Sapphire Reserve comes with a $300 travel credit, but I opted not to count these expenses (that were reimbursed) towards minimum spending.

Medical – 11%

I had some doctors visits that weren’t fully covered by our insurance. We have a high deductible insurance plan and our employer contributes to a HSA, which I could withdraw money from to cover these expenses. However I don’t plan on withdrawing this money right now thanks to this great article by Mad Fientist, which highlights how to use your HSA account as a retirement fund.

Reselling – 12%

There was a recent deal on some limited US Mint coins that I was able to buy and sell for a minor profit.

Tithing – 21%

Our church accepts donations via credit card so we made two separate donations over the past month.

Reimbursed – 28%

Last, but definitely not least, reimbursed expenses. These consist of expenses that we put on our card, but were given cash/check for later on. My mom volunteers at a church that needed 60 x $10 Starbucks gift cards to give out in care packages. I was able to go to Starbucks and buy $600 worth of Starbucks gift cards for my mom. She got reimbursed for by the church and then sent me money. Furthermore, I had several CPA exam costs that my firm was reimbursing. All in all, this accounted for a nice chunk of our minimum spend costs.