$10/night in Downtown Calgary? Don’t Mind If I Do

About a month ago, September 13th to be exact, there was a pricing error for the Ramada Plaza Calgary Downtown, which is owned by the hotel chain Wyndham. I found out about this deal from Not sure if somebody missed a decimal point or something, but there was a specific rate for $10 per night. Mind you this is Canadian Dollars so with the exchange rate it’s around $7.75 USD/night.


Available Dates

It was only available on select weekends: June 23-26 and June 30-July 3. Since these reservations were fully refundable up until the day before, I decided to make four reservations. I made two for Friday-Sunday ($20+tax) and two for Friday-Monday ($30+tax). I obviously won’t use all of these reservations so I’ll eventually have to decide whether to cancel three of them or all four.

Book Now, Think Later

To make things even better, these rates supposedly include admission to the zoo, which is worth $25/person. If this is true, then I’ll more than break-even. I am not even sure we’ll go to Calgary this upcoming summer, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to book and decide later. These hotel pricing errors are often fixed within a couple hours.

There’s also the possibility that the hotel will just straight up cancel my reservation. There’s usually something within the terms and conditions that will allow them to do this. However, often times they’ll offer some type of compensation due to their error. Other times they won’t give you anything. It’s been a month since these reservations were booked/confirmed so that’s promising.