Transportation to/from SeaTac Airport

One of my least favorite things about traveling these days is figuring out how to get to and from the SeaTac airport. There are a few different options for us to get to SeaTac Airport:

  • Ask a Friend
  • Uber/Lyft (Rideshare Services)
  • Take the Light Rail
  • Drive Ourselves and Park
Ask a Friend (30-50 mins | Free-$20)

We could always ask a friend to drop us off and pick us up from the airport. However, our trips often consist of Friday night departures and Sunday night arrivals. Asking someone to drive you to the airport on Friday night right after work is just cruel since it would essentially take them around 1.5 hours round-trip from Downtown Seattle to the airport. We will sometimes ask a friend to take us to the airport for longer trips. We travel so frequently though that we don’t typically want to burden our friends.

Uber/Lyft (35-55 mins | $70 total)

We love taking Uber/Lyft when were in another city, but we rarely use these services when were in our own city. The Uber/Lyft fare from our place to the airport is around $35-38. You can have them pick you up and drop you off just outside of the airport and take a sky-bridge over to the airport. This will save you a few bucks since the airport charges an additional fee.


Light Rail (70-90 mins | $12-40)

Seattle’s light rail system is great for getting from Downtown to the airport. If you’re coming into SeaTac and staying downtown, it’s definitely the easiest way to get to and from. Unfortunately, we don’t live in downtown. Therefore, our two options are take an Uber to the light rail station, which would take approximately 15-20 mins or take a bus to the downtown station. Either way you’re talking about roughly 70-90 mins on public transit. We don’t mind doing this occasionally, but it’s not ideal for when your flight leaves at 7:30pm and you get off work at around 5pm.

Drive Ourselves and Park (30-50 mins | $10-30)

This is the option we typically pick given the convenience factor especially for short weekend trips. These are the parking deals that we’ve been able to find:

  • Groupongrouponairportparking
  • 30-day parking
  • SpotHero

On-site airport parking is ridiculously expensive so we typically park at offsite lots. Groupon has a couple different options. We’ve only used the ExtraCar option. The main thing you have to consider is that every 24 hours is considered a day. So if you park your car on Friday at 5pm and return on Sunday at 10pm, that’s three days of parking.

You can also purchase 30-day parking passes from many of these offsite parking lots. This drives down the per day cost since you only have to pay the taxes/fees once.

Probably one of our new favorite options is SpotHero. This is an app/website that allows you to find parking spots. With SpotHero, we can reserve a parking spot at one of the nearby hotels. This costs roughly $9/day, but if you use my referral code you’ll get $5 off your first order. We typically park at the Crowne Plaza since it is walking distance to the sky-bridge that connects you to the light rail station and airport.