5 Things to do in Toledo, Spain

Toledo is a beautiful town and the former capital of Spain. It is rich with history, architecture, and museums. It is a multi-cultural and multi-religious city where Christians, Jews, and Muslims lived in harmony. There is so much to do, but here are some of my favorites.

1. Toledo Cathedral

This massive cathedral’s architecture and beautifully designed interior are works of art. It only cost 8 euros, which includes a self-guided audio tour. If you want to take your time, plan to spend roughly two hours. You will not be disappointed.

2. Get Lost in the Streets

I think one of my favorite things to do in Toledo was simply wandering the narrow streets. These streets are paved with cobblestone and barely wide enough to fit a car. We got “lost” a couple times, but always managed to find our way back. Toledo is a super walkable city. We were pretty much able to walk across the whole city in about 30 minutes.

3. Eat (in particular Mazapán)

There is a ton of bakeries and restaurants scattered throughout Toledo. If you’re looking for a place for lunch, look no further than the 5-story market, Mercado de San Agustin. There is something for everyone in this market, which consists of a bunch of little restaurants. Another thing you don’t want to miss is Toledo’s specialty, mazapán. If you don’t know what mazapán is you can read more about the history here. You must try some of it, especially from this bakery: Pastelería Santo Tomé. It’s delicious!

4. Stroll Outside the City Walls

There is an amazing panoramic view of the city from Mirador Del Valle. It’s a really long walk to get out there. Your other options are to take the Hop On/Off Bus or hire a taxi to take you out there. We opted for the Hop On/Off Bus, which picks up just outside of the train station. This “tour” has 6-7 stops that you can hop off at. Only one off these stops is within the city walls and the rest of them are all on the outskirts. In hindsight, we probably wouldn’t use the Hop On/Off Bus again since we pretty much walked everywhere else (even back to the train station).

5. Zip-Line

Fly Toledo‘s claim to fame is that they are the longest urban zip-line in Europe. It only costs 10 euros per person for about a 45 second ride. You get to fly over the river alongside one of the bridge entrances to the city. This is probably the most adventurous thing to do in Toledo.