Trip Report – Toledo, Spain

I’ve posted a couple of guides with helpful tips, but I thought I’d also share a little bit more about our experience in Toledo.

Train Ride to Toledo

We bought our train tickets about a month and a half before our trip. By booking our tickets online, we were able to chose our seats. It was pretty easy to get down to the train station from our hotel. We did however get a little bit lost in the train station itself. Once we got on the train we settled into our seats and begin to watch the countryside fly by. Thirty minutes later we were at the Toledo Train Station.

Tourist Package

We got off the train pretty quickly and were able to be one of the first people in line for one of the tourist stations where you can buy tickets/tours. We opted for the 15 euro/person package, which included hop on/off bus tickets and a scheduled tour of Puerta de Bisagra Nueva (one of the city gates).

Hop On/Off Bus

We immediately got on the hop on/off bus, which took us to the panoramic view of the city. We aren’t really sure how else we would have been able to make it out to this viewpoint, which is across the river. The hop on/off bus also provides headphones for you to listen to a recorded narrative about the city. The route the bus takes pretty much circumnavigates the city with just one stop within the city walls. Because of this we really only used this bus once during our day trip. In hindsight, it probably would have been cheaper to just grab a taxi out to the panoramic view.

Cathedral de Toledo

After getting off the bus, our next stop was the Toledo Cathedral. We originally walked into the wrong entrance, which is for church members to use the cathedrals’ chapel and other quiet areas. We soon realized our mistake and walked around to the main entrance where we purchased our admission tickets and picked up our audio guides. The cathedral was massive and the self-guided audio tour allowed you to wander at your own pace. It was a magnificent building with so much detail and splendor.

Puerta de Bisagra Nueva

This was one of the main gates to the city. The tour guide, who was bilingual, gave us a little history lesson and then took us up to the top of the gate. From the gate you had a wonderful view of the city as well as the outskirts of the city where most people live nowadays. It was a neat experience and the tour guide was friendly and informative.

Fly Toledo

For our next stop we wandered over towards the Jewish quarter. At this end of the city, there was another entrance bridge called Puente de San Martin. Adjacent to this bridge is Europe’s longest urban zip line run by a company called Fly Toledo. It was only 10 euro per person and definitely a fun activity. I mean it’s not everyday you get to zip line over a river next to a historic bridge.

Wandering the City

After we finished our zip line fun, we wandered back through the city. I honestly loved wandering the beautiful, narrow streets of Toledo. They are paved with cobblestone and the buildings around it are all so quaint. We walked towards the Mercado de San Agustin. What we didn’t realize was that this “market” is more like a bunch of little restaurants/bars. We had eaten recently and were still pretty full so we didn’t order anything there.

We walked back up to Plaza de Zocodover, which has tons of bakeries (including ones that make mazapan) around it. We also found some gifts for family and friends here. There were several restaurants and cafes as well in this area.

Closing Thoughts

We absolutely loved Toledo! We probably could have spent a whole extra day exploring the city. There were quite a few museums that I would have liked to visit. Either way, I would highly recommend this easy day trip to anyone who is staying in Madrid.