Trip Report – Segovia, Spain

Our original plan was to just take a hot air balloon ride over Segovia. However, that hot air balloon ride was cancelled due to the cold weather. Therefore, the night before we decided to take a day trip to Segovia.

Bus Ride – Madrid to Segovia

The easiest way to get to Segovia is by public bus. The train station in Segovia is a kind of far from the city center. Whereas the bus drops off and picks up just a few blocks from the Segovia Aqueduct. The bus ride is about 1 hour long and leaves from Moncloa station in Madrid. We booked our roundtrip tickets online via La Sepulvedana for 15 euros/person. You can also buy your tickets at the Moncloa (or Segovia) station, but there were long lines so it was nice to avoid those.

Segovia Aqueduct

As soon as we got off the bus, we walked up the street to the Segovia Aqueduct. It was breathtaking. I really enjoyed just walking around it and admiring it from different viewpoints. There are several shops and restaurants around this plaza. You’ll also find a tourist information center on the north side of the plaza, which has maps, tours, and much more.

Segovia Cathedral

Segovia has their own Plaza Mayor (not quite as famous as Madrid’s though). When we first walked through the plaza it was filled with a market of some sort. We walked back through it later in the day and it was completely empty. On the south side of the plaza stood the Segovia Cathedral. It cost about 5 euros to visit the cathedral. We had been in Toledo the day before and to be honest, this cathedral was much less grand than the Toledo one. However, they had all the chapels open and available to walk through. My wife noted that this wasn’t normal for a cathedral to allow the public to wander these chapel area.

Alacazar of Segovia

After this we headed further west towards the castle, which sits on the western edge of the city. The tour of the castle costs 5 euros and then it’s an additional 2.5 euros to climb up the Tower of Juan II, which I highly suggest doing if your physically able. Keep in mind the steps to reach the top are narrow and steep.

The audio tour also costs 3 euros, but really adds to the experience. It was really cold during our visit, which meant it was even colder (due to the wind chill) out on the towers of the castles. From the top of the towers you have amazing views of the valley around the city. The castle was definitely one of my favorite parts of Segovia.

Roasted Suckling Pig for Lunch

We decided to grab a late lunch at a restaurant close to the Aqueduct. It was pouring rain and we were pretty much looking for anywhere with indoor seating to escape the downpour. One of the servers was standing outside the restaurant and offered us an english menu. Out of all the places in Spain this was one of the restaurants that we probably had the most difficulty communicating since the servers only spoke minor english. However, we made do with our little Spanish and had a delicious meal.

Segovia’s speciality is their roasted suckling pig. We decided to try it. Luckily they only served a portion of it and didn’t bring out the whole pig (I’m not sure my wife would have been too keen on that). It was delicious and we both said we would definitely eat it again.

Siesta Time

After lunch, we decided to stroll through the town and do some window shopping. What we didn’t account for was the fact that pretty much the town shuts down from 2:30-4:30pm (siesta time). Many of the shops were closed and it started to rain again. We opted to take shelter in a local cafe where we grabbed some coffee and pastries and waited till 4:30pm.

Shopping and Exploring

Of course as soon as 4:30pm hit it started to actually snow in Segovia. Not wanting to sit around anymore we jumped from shop to shop to stay as dry as possible. By 5:45pm, we were tired, cold, and a little wet. Our bus back to Madrid left around 6:30pm so we headed to the bus station. We grabbed a beer at a cafe next to the station until it was time to board our bus.

Overall, I really enjoyed our time in Segovia, but if I had to chose between a day trip to Toledo and Segovia I would probably pick Toledo. The weather may have had some effect on my impression of Segovia, but in the end I felt that Toledo was more grand and beautiful. However, if you have the time I highly suggest doing day trips to both cities.