Lounge Review: Puerta de Alacala – MAD Airport

We had a pretty early flight out of Madrid, but luckily this lounge was opening about 5 minutes after we got through security. Our flight was boarding in about 30 minutes, but we figured we take a quick stop to grab some food/snacks.

Access to Lounge

We had access to this lounge via the Priority Pass Select provided by my wife’s Chase Sapphire Reserve. The Priority Pass with the CSR allows unlimited guests for free.

Lounge Layout

The lounge is located in Terminal 2 near gate D62. To get to the lounge, you have to walk several stairs. It is a good sized lounge with pretty basic furniture. There were several lounge chairs with side tables as well as a business area with 3-4 work stations. The lounge faces out towards the runways. It was pretty dark when we were there, but you could still see some of the planes parked at their respective gates.

Opposite the windows facing out on the runways, there was a bar and that had a display case full of little sandwiches, bread, sliced fruit, and yogurt. Next to this there were a few machines to make coffee or espresso drinks. On the wall, there was another display case, which had a variety of different soft drinks and juices.

Our Experience

We were one of the first people into the lounge shortly after it opened. Since our flight was boarding soon, we didn’t have much time to sit around. We grabbed some food and drinks, spent about 20 minutes eating, and then headed to our gate.

The spread of food was pretty basic. I noticed as we were getting ready to leave they were bringing out some additional items, but there didn’t appear to be anything great. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way for this lounge, but it was a nice place to grab a snack and something to drink.