January Update and Other Tidbits

It’s hard to believe it’s almost the end of January already. Where has the first month of 2017 gone? I realized I haven’t posted here recently so here are some random life updates and tidbits of information:

CPA. Check!

I passed the CPA exam back in November. However, before I could apply for my CPA license, I was also required to take two ethics exam (AICPA and WA State Board of Accountancy). Well I passed those, paid the licensing fee, and should receive my CPA license sometime within the next couple of weeks.

Busy Season

Over the next couple months, my posts will most likely become less frequent. We don’t have any travel plans till April due to tax/busy season. Starting a week ago, I started working 10-11 hour days and will be working from 8-5 on most Saturdays. As a public accountant, there’s a lot of work to be done from January to April. On the flip side, the work that we receive this time of year can be the most fun as well.

Monthly Blog Updates

I also think I’ll try and make a post like this every month that includes information that isn’t necessarily deserving of its own separate post. I’ll also share some life updates in these posts as well.


I’ll be writing more about our Christmas/NYE trip in the months to come, but I still have to finish some of our posts about Madrid, Spain.


I’ve been trying to figure out how best to write about all of our recent travel adventures. I’ve decided to focus on writing blog posts that provide helpful information while sharing our experiences and opinions. It’s a difficult balance to strike. What I’ve started to do is write down questions that I had while I was planning a trip? Then hopefully after going on said trip I can write blog posts to address these questions.

I also plan on reviewing every hotel we stay at and airport lounge that we visit. You can check out my current reviews by clicking on the pictures below: