Upgrading to JetBlue Even More Space Seats

We have quite a stash of JetBlue miles from their PointsMatch promotion back in July 2016. We also have JetBlue Mosaic status (through 1/31/17) from status matching our Southwest Companion Pass. This is a review from one of our favorite JetBlue routes SEA-LGB. We originally took this flight in January 2017, but have flown it multiple times since then.

Even More Space (EMS) Seats

When you purchase tickets for JetBlue flights, you’re prompted to select seats. I pulled up a random flight and took a screenshot to give an example. The square seats are regular seats that can be selected for free. It is worth noting that even their regular seats have more legroom than most airlines.

You’ll also notice there are circle seats highlighted in blue. These are the EMS seats. On the Airbus A320, these seats are typically first five rows and the two exit rows, but it depends on the aircraft and the route that you’re flying.

Reserving EMS Seats

You don’t have to be an elite member to reserve EMS seats. However, it will cost you anywhere from $30-90 depending on the flight. JetBlue charges more for these seats on longer flights.

One of the perks of being Mosaic (JetBlue’s highest loyalty status) is the ability to reserve these seats with points instead of cash. For our SEA – LGB route, it only cost 400 miles for a middle EMS seat and 500 miles for an aisle/window EMS seat. You’re basically getting a value of 10 cents per mile, which is pretty good for JetBlue miles. If you’re a Mosaic, you also have a higher likelihood of getting upgraded for free to an EMS seat. Since my wife and I were flying together, I decided to just use points to reserve our seats.

You can always try to score a free upgrade, but obviously no guarantees. I have friends who have asked over twitter and been upgraded. It never hurts to ask. I also know people who don’t select seats and hope to get assigned an EMS seat when they arrive for the flight. However, this seems risky to me since you might end up with a middle seat.

EMS/JetBlue Experience

We chose to sit in the second row because we’re not a fan of bulkhead seats since you don’t have storage space under the seat in front of you. There’s a screen built into each seat back in front of you and a remote on the armrest, which is a feature throughout the plane (including non-EMS seats). You can plug your own headphones in and watch several DirecTV channels or listen to satellite radio stations.

The EMS seats have quite a bit of space. I am 5’7″ and could easily stretch out. My favorite thing about the additional space is when you’re using a laptop you have plenty of room. In normal economy seats, I find that my elbows are always bumping into my armrests.

To be honest, JetBlue is one of my favorite airline carriers to fly in economy. The flight crew is typically warm and welcoming. They have free Wi-Fi on all their flights, which means you can surf the web to your hearts content and even iMessage friends and family while your 36,000 feet in the air. Oh and their snacks are delicious and unlimited! I’m addicted to these Terra blue potato chips.


I love flying JetBlue whenever I can. However, I’m not sure their EMS seats are worth paying cash for. If you’re a Mosaic member, using points definitely make sense. EMS seats can help make flying long distances more comfortable especially if you’re a bigger or taller person.

Deplaning at LGB Airport