My January 2017 Credit Card Applications

I wasn’t really planning on doing an application wave, but when I heard about the Ritz Carlton sign up bonus lowering from 3 nights to 2 nights. I figured why not.

JPMorgan Ritz Carlton (Pending, then Approved)

Initially, my plan was to combine hard pulls with Chase and also apply for the Fairmont card, which was being discontinued. Both these cards are not under the Chase 5/24 rule. However, the day I applied for the Ritz they also pulled all the application downs for the Fairmont card. Just another reminder to never procrastinate.

When I applied for the Ritz-Carlton card I received the pending message below:

I pretty much expected to get a pending notification for this application. I currently have 7 personal credit cards open and this would be the 8th one. The last Chase card application I did for the Hyatt credit card also went pending and required me to reallocate credit lines. Chase pretty much has extended the maximum amount of credit they are comfortable with.

For this Ritz Carlton card, I called Chase about an hour after my application. I pretty much got the same message as my Hyatt card and was asked if I was willing to reallocate some credit from other cards. The minimum credit line for this card was $10k so I was able to take from multiple credit lines to reach the $10k.

The customer service representative put me on hold and then said that the application/reallocation needed further approval. It took about 5 days before I saw the card appear in my online Chase account. The physical card came in the mail about 3 days after that.

Merrill Plus #1 (Pending, then Denied)

I was primarily interested in the Merrill Plus card because of this blog post by MilesPerDay. It’s essentially a $1k sign up bonus for a no annual fee card. As expected, I received this pending message after submitting the application:

I let the application sit for a couple days and then tried calling in. They ultimately said I was denied and that the reason for denial would be sent in a letter. I received a letter stating that I was not approved due to sufficient credit.

After receiving this letter I called reconsideration 5 times to try and get it approved, but to no avail. I even offered to move some credit over from one of my existing cards. However, none of the reps seemed able to help me.

Merrill Plus #2 (Pending, then Denied – Duplicate)

This application was deemed to be a duplicate application. Therefore, it was cancelled. I received a letter in the mail for this one as well.

Bank of America Alaska Airlines (Auto-Approved)

After my Merrill Plus application, I wanted to combine hard pulls and grab another BoA card. It had been 6 months since I applied for my first Alaska Airlines card. I was kind of shocked to get an auto-approval for a pretty good size credit line.


Overall, this application round didn’t go as well as I would have hoped. I made the mistake of applying for the BoA Alaska card before calling reconsideration for the Merrill Plus card. In hindsight, I probably should have gotten the Merrill Plus approved before moving on to another card. I am glad I was able to grab the Ritz Carlton with three free nights. The three night offer was gone by the following week. We plan on using the free nights for a little trip to Hawaii.