Reselling NYC Hamilton Tickets

Purchasing Hamilton Tickets

I purchased Hamilton tickets during an AMEX Platinum Presale back in June 2016. I have a group of friends that notified me about this deal. Some of my friends bought several sets of tickets. I only bought two sets of tickets. One on Valentine’s Day (bow chick wow wow) and one on Easter Sunday.

I purchased Rear Mezzanine tickets for $190 each plus a $3 service fee for a total cost of $383. Both of my sets of tickets were for Row A.

Selling the Tickets

I priced my tickets fairly competitively on StubHub. In hindsight, I probably could’ve gotten more for them if I had been monitoring the prices. However, I wanted to make sure they sold. I didn’t want to be stuck with tickets to a show in NYC (as much as my wife would have loved to go). Both sets of my tickets sold in December. Maybe they were Christmas gifts for someone.

The Valentine’s Day tickets sold for $475 each after StubHub’s service fee the payout was $855 (hopefully whoever bought them enjoys the show tonight). The Easter Day tickets sold for $550 each after the service fee the payout was $990. In total, I made a profit of $1,079 not to mention it helped me meet one of my credit card’s minimum spend.