Why You Should Consider Applying for the AMEX SPG Card

Increased Sign Up Bonus 25k to 35k!

Last year, AMEX upped the SPG sign up bonus to 35k. It looks like they are at it again! There are some additional spending requirements, but yesterday they announced an increased sign up bonus from 25k to 35k SPG points for both the Personal and Business versions.

I highlighted the AMEX SPG cards and the incredible value you can get from the sign up bonus last year in this post: AMEX SPG 35k Offer = $1k.

Valuable SPG Points

SPG points are still one of the most flexible points and at the same time they are difficult to earn. I recently converted 90k SPG points to 270k Marriott Points and booked a Travel Package, which included 120k Alaska Miles and a 5 night hotel certificate! Such a good deal since I was planning on converting SPG points to Alaska anyway.

We’ve stayed at some awesome SPG hotels as well. We recently used a good chunk of our SPG points to spend 5 nights at The Principal Madrid with no additional costs.

Future of the AMEX SPG Card

Nobody quite knows what will happen to the SPG brand in the long run, but so far the Marriott merger hasn’t ruined anything. The AMEX SPG card may eventually be discontinued as Marriott seeks to further merge the two brands together. Who knows? Either way, I think now is a great time to pick up the AMEX SPG with it’s 35k sign up bonus.

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