February Update

Busy Season is… BUSY

I’ve been transitioning at work to a more supervisory role. This means additional work managing/reviewing the work of the staff members. I’ve started to get into work an hour early just to have some quiet productive time to get through my own work.

Unfortunately, this busyness has meant that I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to write blog posts especially about our most recent trip. We’re about halfway through at this point and March is significantly slower than February (at least in years past).

My Wife’s Blog Posts

You may began to notice other blog posts with the author, Miles4Rebecca. These articles are written by my wife. We hope you enjoy these articles with a slightly different perspective on our travel adventures.

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Meeting Minimum Spends

I met the minimum spend for 1 out of 2 of the cards that I was approved for in January. It only took about 3 weeks to meet the Alaska Airlines card minimum spend of $1,000. I have about $1,500 left of the $5,000 minimum spend for the Ritz Carlton card. I should wrap up the minimum spend around mid-March on this card.

If you’re trying to meet a minimum spend, paying your taxes might be a good option. Check out this informative post on paying your taxes via credit card.