Completing Minimum Spend on Ritz Carlton

We just finished meeting our minimum spend for my Ritz Carlton with about a month and a week to spare. Here’s how we did it:

Spending Breakdown

Here a graph of the breakdown of our spending over the two months:

Grocery charges made up for about 7% of the spending while restaurant expenses only accounted for about 4%. We also spent 6% on travel expenses. These expenses are pretty much built into our monthly budget already.

Insurance – 12%

Our auto insurance for our two cars is due on a bi-annual basis. I always like to get a new credit card to put this large expense on.

Donations – 15%

These consisted of tithing and some other charitable donations to organizations we support.

Reselling – 56%

Most of this was gift card reselling along with a couple of hot events that I bought tickets to in order to resell. Although I might actually go to one of the concerts. I’m looking at you John Legend. We’ll see.