March is AMEX Month

I completed my Ritz Carlton spending this past week. I also applied for three new credit cards and one credit card for my wife. All of them with American Express (AMEX).

Here are my wife’s results:

AMEX SPG Business – Approved!

With the increased AMEX SPG offers, I went ahead and had my wife apply for the SPG Business card. This card won’t show up on her personal credit report and therefore won’t count against 5/24. I applied via my referral link which means an extra 5k SPG.

After we complete the initial minimum spending of $5,000, we’ll receive 25k SPG. Then within the next 3 months, we’ll have to spend another $3,000 to get another 10k SPG. All in all we’ll get 40k SPG out of the deal. 40k SPG is worth around $800 to me.

Here are my application results from about a week later:

AMEX Business Gold Rewards – Approved!

I had a targeted mailer for 75k MR with $5k of spending. This is one of the best offers out there and the mailer expired on 3/18/17 so I had to use it. After being used to pending applications from Chase, I was pleasantly surprised to be instantly approved for this card. Then again, AMEX hands out charge cards like candy.

75k Membership Rewards is worth around $1,125 to me. It’s worth noting that it could be worth more once I get the AMEX Business Platinum card.

AMEX Premier Rewards Gold – Approved!

Another instant approval. I could get used to this. When using the incognito window at work, I was able to pull up the 50k MR with $2k of spending offer. It’s not as great as other PRG offers out there, but I was unlikely to get targeted for those so I figured I’d jump on it.

50k MR is worth around $750 to me. Maybe more depending on how I use it. I’ll also get an annual $100 travel credit that can be used against airline fees. The annual fee of $195 is waived for the first year.

AMEX Delta SkyMiles Business – Pending, Approved!

I was pretty torn on this last application. I had difficulty deciding whether to do this credit card or the AMEX Hilton. Although, I didn’t really have a use for Hilton points. I felt like Delta points would be more useful in the long run especially with all the promotions they’ve been running lately to grab a foothold at SeaTac. I found a link to the 50k application for $2k of minimum spending. I applied and the application went pending. However, I woke up the next day and had received an email that my application was approved.

50k Delta SkyMiles is worth probably around $600. This card also comes with a $50 credit when you make a Delta purchase. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to buy a Delta gift card for this credit.

The Hard Pull AMEX Strategy

The reason I applied for three AMEX cards on the same day is that hard pulls are combined. AMEX will let you apply for multiple charge cards (no set spending limit) in a day, but only one credit card. As you can see above, I applied for two charge cards and one credit card for one hard pull.

One thing worth noting is that the pull on my credit report didn’t come until the morning after my application day. I’m a little confused by all of it. Usually hard pulls show up instantly and I get notified since I have credit tracking apps. However, this hard pull didn’t come till the following day around the time that I also received an email that I had been approved for the Delta SkyMiles card.

I’m wondering if they did a soft pull on my credit for both the BGR and PRG charge cards, but then when I applied for a credit card they pulled my credit. This is just a theory or maybe it’s just the timing of things. Either way I got three cards for one hard pull.

Now time to meet minimum spends!