Converting Citi TY Premier to ATT Access More

Citi TY Premier vs. ATT Access More

First off, let me highlight the reasons why I decided to do this product change. Typically when product changing I’ll downgrade to a card with no annual fee. However the Citi TY Premier and ATT Access More have the same annual fee of $95 so I didn’t really save any money there. The ATT Access More also charges foreign transaction fees whereas the Citi TY Premier does not. You also cannot transfer Citi ThankYou Points to airline partners if you just have the ATT Access More.

photo credit: JeepersMedia Citibank via photopin (license)

3x ThankYou Points

So why the heck did I product change to this card? 3x TYP on online purchases. This ATT Access More card is no longer available for new signups so the only way to get the card is via a product change/conversion. It offers 3 TYP per $1 spent on online purchases. This is obviously a very lucrative category bonus for me since I do a fair amount of gift card reselling.

Pros and Cons to Citi Product Changing

There are some pros and cons to product changing your Citi credit cards. Here are the major ones:


  • No hard pull on your credit report
  • No new account on your credit report (you do get a different account number, but the open date of the account stays the same)
  • Access to cards that have been discontinued


  • Resets the Citi signup bonus clock (this effectively means I can’t get another TYP card signup bonus until March 2019)
Retention Offer

First things first, I tried for a retention offer. Hoping that Citi might give me a statement credit or some bonus points to keep the card open. You do have to be careful when calling Citi because the automated system might cancel your card instead of sending you to the retention department.

Unfortunately, there were no promotions or retention offers that could be applied to my account. This is probably due to the fact that I didn’t use the card that much after meeting the minimum spend. Since there were no offers on my card, I decided that I would be better off product changing to the ATT Access More card.

First Attempt

My annual fee for the Citi TY Premier hit in mid-February or so. I procrastinated on calling to get the product change done until about a month later. Keep in mind you have to have the card for a year before Citi will let you product change. I called in and the customer service representative was unable to see the option to convert. On the phone, she sounded pretty unsure so I figured it might be an error on her end.

Hang Up Call Again (HUCA)

One of the common terms in travel hacking is HUCA. Often times there are reps that simply aren’t competent enough to process your request. I called Citi again about 3 hours later and the representative was able to pull up my account and find the option to convert to a ATT Access More card. Now was that so hard?

She read through all the new terms and got my verbal confirmation to proceed with the conversion. The phone call took about 10-12 mins. I checked my account about 2 hours later and the new card showed up in my account.