Completing Minimum Spend on AMEX Business Gold Rewards

We just finished meeting our minimum spend for my AMEX Business Gold Rewards card that I applied for in March. Here’s how we did it:

Spending Breakdown

Here a graph of the breakdown of our spending over the two months:

Miscellaneous and fuel charges made up about 1.5% of the spending. Additionally about 3% of spending was on travel expenses. These expenses are pretty much built into our monthly budget already.

Reimbursed Expenses – 8%

These charges consisted of purchases I made for my parents, which they reimbursed me for via P2P payment.

Manufactured Spending – 8.5%

I didn’t have to do too much manufactured spending to meet this minimum spend. I typically try and keep my manufactured spending low when meeting AMEX minimum spends because they’ve been known to claw-back sign up bonuses.

Taxes – 36%

Most people hate owing taxes in April. However, I purposefully withheld less than I knew our tax bill would be so that I could pay with my credit card when taxes were due. You do have to pay a small convenience fee to pay with credit card, but it was worth it based on the rewards I will earn from this sign up bonus. Believe me I did a cost benefit analysis.

Reselling – 43%

The majority of this was gift card reselling. There was a Best Buy sale on iTunes gift cards as well as some Nike gift cards on sale at Newegg. I was able to resell these gift cards for the price I purchased them. I also bought some concert tickets, which I’m looking to resell.

Now just need to decide what to do with 75k Membership Rewards.