Hotel Review: Hyatt Zilara Cancun

Prior to our trip I had heard some pretty great things about the Hyatt Zilara Cancun so my expectations were fairly high. After our visit, I’d say it definitely lived up to our expectations.

Upon Arrival

We arrived to the hotel around 11am. We stepped our of our Uber ride and were greeted by the bellhop who quickly whisked away our bags to luggage storage and gave us a ticket. After this exchange, we were passed off to a greeter who gave us two cold towels. They then showed us to the World of Hyatt concierge desk.

Concierge Desk

The concierge desk got copies of our passports and checked us into our hotel room. As expected our room would not be ready until official check-in at 3pm. However, we were free to use all the facilities including the bar, restaurant, pool, etc. The concierge took several minutes to explain the resort to us and provide us with additional information.

With our Discoverist status we also got upgraded to a premium ocean view room. They had me sign a paper stating that I understood that this upgrade was being provided to me was not guaranteed. I think this may have had something to do with the transition to the World of Hyatt loyalty program.

The concierge was super helpful with any minor questions or details that we had throughout our stay. They were friendly and helped make our stay special.

The Room

Every room at the Hyatt Zilara Cancun is a suite with a balcony. Obviously not all suites are created equal. Some have better views than others. There are also corner suites that have windows on two sides of the room. Lastly, there are swim-up suites, which are on ground level and have their own swimming pools and lounge chairs.

Our suite was on the 5th floor and had a great view of the pool and ocean. The room had plenty of space to lounge around in. The king bed was clean and comfortable. The shower and bathroom were equally as spacious.

They also provide a mini-fridge with sodas, beers, and mixers. As well as a hard liquor cabinet to pour/mix your own drinks. It was pretty awesome! The hotelĀ also provided several amenities including biodegradable mosquito repellent spray, which was really nice. We wish we had known this because we bought a mosquito repellent to bring with us.


Housekeeping service was one of the major disappointments for us. The first day we were there we came back to our room around 1pm and our bed was still not made. We ended up talking to the concierge who had housekeeping make our bed around 3pm. They did do a good job of doing turn down service while we were out at dinner. At the beginning of our stay, we also requested more pillows, but those didn’t show up till our last night. Overall I’d rate the housekeeping a 3 out of 5 stars.

Everywhere else we went the service was wonderful! 4.95 out of 5. The restaurant wait staff were attentive and friendly. The poolside waiters (who deliver drinks to your cabana) were great. They even had people going around offering to clean your sunglasses. We didn’t participate in the spa services, but I’m sure those were top notch as well.


There was a wide variety of food to choose from. We ate at every restaurant except the Chef’s Table, which is only available to swim up suites and select rooms. Our favorite restaurant was Pelicanos, which is next to the pool and overlooked the beach. We ordered room service a few different times and enjoyed the in-suite breakfast the most. Room service is available 24/7, which is nice. There was also a great little coffee shop that we visited pretty much every morning.

Overall, we really enjoyed the food and by the end of the trip we realized that we hardly spent any money. Usually, when we are on vacation or traveling we spend at least $60-70 per day on food. Being at an all-inclusive with good food definitely saved us money.


The drinks were just as good as the food, if not better. I kind of made it my mission to try as many new cocktails as possible. For instance, I had never had a bloody mary before so I figured I would try it. Took one sip and almost threw up in my mouth. Good thing the drink was free. I immediately swam over to the bar and ordered something else.

In the end, given that it was warm and sunny I found myself mostly craving blended drinks. They had a variety of margarita, mojito, and daiquiri flavors from peach to strawberry. My favorite was the mango.

They also have a hotel bar menu, which has several other unique creations such as “Mango Tango” and “Electric Lemonade”. I honestly couldn’t tell you what was in these cocktails, but they were absolutely delicious! We definitely drank our money’s worth throughout our stay.


There was a wide range of activities throughout the day. They consisted of things like: water volleyball, yoga, pilates, bingo, etc. When initially planning out our trip, I had imagined that we’d do quite a few activities, but when we arrived we soon realized that we actually just wanted to lounge around and soak up some sun.

The one activity that we did do was a bike tour, which ended up being a private bike tour because we were the only two people to sign up. This basically consisted of a bike ride north of the hotel through the Cancun club area and ending at the other Hyatt-owned hotel, Hyatt Ziva Cancun.

Our tour guide, Carlos, showed us around the Hyatt Ziva, which has a much more grand entrance compared to the Hyatt Zilara. He pointed out where the hotel kept dolphins on site so kids could swim with the dolphins. This sister hotel is for all ages and sits on more a secluded cove, which was neat. We then grabbed a drink at the Hyatt Ziva bar and biked back to our hotel.

Gym and Hidden Infinity Lap Pool

My wife really enjoyed the gym facilities. They had plenty of treadmills, weight machines, and much more. The gym was fairly empty most of the time. One of the things that we discovered while we were at the gym was an infinity lap pool that overlooked the western side of the hotel. It was absolutely beautiful and definitely a hidden gem that not many people knew about.

Since Cancun is on the east coast of Mexico, the sun doesn’t set over the beach. This was kind of weird to me since I grew up on the west coast where the sun always sets over the water. With that being said, this infinity lap pool was positioned on the west side of the hotel. Therefore, you could soak up a few more rays of sun and watch the sunset over canal that runs between the hotel strip and the mainland.

Main Pool and Beach

The main pool was great! We pretty much spent most of our day camped out a poolside cabana. These cabanas are first come first serve. Keep in mind if you want a poolside cabana with sun-bathing lounge chairs you’re going to have to get up around 5:45am to stake claim to one of these coveted cabanas. Otherwise, if you just want a poolside cabana with direct access to the pool you can probably snag one as late as 8am. Lastly, there are poolside cabanas that are separated from the pool by a walkway, which are typically available till 9am.

All of the beach cabanas are reserved for specific rooms, which typically pay a premium to upgrade. We didn’t really find a need for a beach cabana and preferred to sit near the pool. From our poolside cabana, we did venture down to the beach a couple of times and played around in the ocean. The water was surprisingly warm (at least compared to what were used to from our time at California beaches).

Overall Impressions

The one thing that I know some people didn’t like is that there isn’t much to do after 10pm. However, if you really want to go do something the Cancun club scene is a short taxi ride away. My wife and I typically prefer to go to bed around 10pm and wake up early to enjoy the morning. With the exception of housekeeping, the service was outstanding. This was our first real vacation since all of our other trips have been more adventure trips. During this trip, we were able to just lounge around and soak up the sun. It was pretty much just what the doctor ordered after our cold and wet winter in Seattle. Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at the Hyatt Zilara. We would definitely go back and visit again.