Uber in Cancun, Mexico

We love taking Uber over taxis in most places. The main reason is because we love to save money and Uber is usually cheaper. However, Uber is not looked highly upon in some areas of the world, specifically third world countries. Before heading down to Cancun, we did some research and heard a lot of mixed reports. Some people mentioned that Uber was illegal, which isn’t true. Other people said they used Uber without any issues.

Cancun Airport

The one place I would not use Uber is the Cancun Airport. I would strongly suggest pre-booking an airport transfer. We booked a private one for $45 round trip through Happy Shuttle Cancun. They were professional, friendly, and on-time. We would definitely book through them again.

Uber drivers are likely to cancel airport pickups because it is flooded with taxi drivers.¬†If the taxi drivers see you standing there waiting for an Uber, there have been reports that they will harass you. The taxi drivers clearly do not like Uber in Cancun because it is stealing business from them and Uber drivers don’t have to be part of the taxi union there.

If you really want to take an Uber, I might suggest taking an airport hotel shuttle and then requesting an Uber from the hotel.

Our Experience

Because we arrived late at night and left early in the morning, we stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton Cancun for the first and last night of our vacation in Cancun. However, we used Uber to get from the Four Points to the Hyatt Zilara Cancun where we spent 3 nights. Our experience was interesting to say the least.

Uber Ride Uno

We checked out of our hotel around 10am. While in the hotel lobby, we opened up the Uber app and plugged in our current location and destination. The first driver who accepted our ride ended up cancelling about 2 mins later. Not a good sign. The second driver accepted the ride and proceeded to drive towards our hotel. As he turned the corner, we headed outside to meet him. As we walked outside, I noticed two cabs parked out front waiting for someone to hire them.

Meanwhile the bellhop/concierge kind of followed us outside. This is where things got kind of awkward and tense. We approached the Uber ride and the driver hoped out to open the trunk of his car to store our luggage. At the same time, the two cab drivers jumped out of their cars and proceeded to stare down us and the Uber driver.

The Uber driver opened the passenger door for us and then quickly moved to the drivers side. He never seemed to take his eyes off of the taxi drivers. It was definitely a tense scene. He confirmed our destination and started driving. The ride cost $116 Mexican Pesos, which is roughly $6.10 USD. We reached our destination in a timely manner and paid about a quarter of what it would have cost to take a taxi.

Uber Ride Dos

We requested the Uber again from our hotel lobby. This time we immediately had a driver accept our ride. However, if the GPS was accurate, he completely drove past our hotel, which added an extra 5-6 mins to the pickup time.

I’m not sure what exactly he was doing because when he arrived he had another man in the passenger seat. As we approached the car, I could see a quick conversation happen between the driver and the passenger. He then handed the driver cash and got out of the car. Oddly enough he tried to walk into the hotel we were leaving and was stopped by security. Not sure what exactly happened after that.

The Uber driver helped load our bags into the trunk and confirmed our destination. This time there weren’t any cabs waiting out front so no awkward, tense situation. However, as we were exiting the hotel area, the Uber driver asked if there were any cabs around. He basically said that the cab drivers don’t like Uber and left it at that. He dropped us off at our hotel and this ride again cost us around $115 Mexican Pesos, which is about $6.07 USD.


I would definitely take Uber again especially if you’re just looking to get around the Cancun hotel area. The Uber drivers were friendly and honestly I trust them more than taxi drivers. I also appreciate the cashless system. We saved a lot of money compared to the expensive fares that the taxis charge.

If you haven’t used Uber before, be sure to use our signup link to save money on your first ride.