Completing Minimum Spend on AMEX Premier Rewards Gold

We finished meeting our minimum spend a couple of weeks ago for my AMEX Premier Rewards Gold card that I applied for in March. Here’s how we did it:

Spending Breakdown

Here a graph of the breakdown of our spending over the two months:

Miscellaneous and fuel charges made up about 3% of the spending. About 6% of the minimum spend was on groceries and another 9% on restaurants. These expenses are pretty much built into our monthly budget already.

Travel Expenses – 12%

This consisted of some prepaid hotels for an upcoming trip and Uber rides. I was tempted to put some airfare expenses on this card, but I opted to put these expenses on our Chase Sapphire Reserve for trip protection insurance.

Manufactured Spending – 35%

This manufactured spending came in the form of discounted Visa Gift Cards from Safeway. I actually made ~$2 on each one that I purchased.

Reselling – 35%

The majority of this was gift card reselling. I was able to resell most of these gift cards for the price I purchased them or more. I also bought some concert tickets, which I’m still trying to resell.