Sign Up for USPS Informed Delivery!

Ever since I got into travel hacking, I have thoroughly enjoyed checking our mailbox. Why you ask? Well the mail may contain any of the following items: new credit cards, targeted credit card offers, gift cards, checks, etc. Every once and a while it’s like Christmas and I’ll receive 4-5 different pieces of mail each with various items I use to travel hack.

I recently signed up for USPS Informed Delivery and it’s changed everything. Now I don’t have to wait until I get home from work to find out what’s in the mail. Instead, I get an email every morning showing me what will be in my mailbox that day.

They are basically scans of the outside of your mail, but it’s absolutely wonderful! It’s so helpful and then I get to be excited all day knowing that when I get home I can process gift cards or activate my new credit card. Of course, when I get an email that shows I’m only receiving junk mail it’s a little disappointing.

Example Email

With that being said, I highly recommend you sign up for USPS Informed Delivery. It’s also helpful to ensure that you actually received all the mail you were supposed to for any given day. It unfortunately won’t scan packages so you’ll just have to just wait till you get home to find out if your packages arrived.

It isn’t available in all areas, but you can check here to see if you’re eligible: USPS Informed Delivery Registration. Overall, it only takes about 8-10 minutes to sign up and I really enjoy/appreciate the new service.