Planning Our Trip Around the World Part 3

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As stated in part one, we’ll have visited five different countries, flown over 25,000 miles, and experienced business or first class on three major airlines. Here is the total cost breakdown:

FlightMiles UsedCash PaidCash ValueCents Per Point (CPP)
Total394,435 Miles$982.70$25,528Average CPP: 5.03
SEA - HOU11,685 WN$11.20$3702.97
IAH - MAN97,750 SQ$257.20$5,4545.32
MAN - CDGN/A$110.00$110.00N/A
CDG - HKG85,000 AS$198.20$4,8585.48
HKG - DPS - HKG40,000 AF$96.10$1,3903.24
HKG - ICN - LAX160,000 KE$160.00$13,1968.15
SNA - SEAN/A$150.00$150.00N/A

WN = Southwest | SQ = Singapore Airlines | AS = Alaska Airlines | AF = Air France | KE = Korean Airlines

Where Did I Get All These Points?

The majority of these points came from credit card signup bonuses. I transferred roughly 240,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards, 65,000 Citi ThankYou Points, 25,000 SPG points, and 40,000 AMEX Membership Rewards. This is why I value transferable points because it gives us flexibility.

Routing Dictated by Availability

Looking back on the planning stages of our trip, you can tell our flight path is dictated primarily by award availability. Flexibility is key when it comes to finding premium seats on long-haul flights. For instance, ideally we probably would’ve rather have flown directly to Paris. Instead, we’re flying to Manchester and then down to Paris a few days later.

In the end, there are certain airline routes that are more easily bookable on points/miles. Finding these routes and having the flexibility to book these routes can make travel hacking significantly easier. It’s kind of crazy to think we booked over $25,000 worth of flights using ~394k points and just under $1k in cash.

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