Lounge Review: Alaska Lounge at LAX

We visited the Alaska Lounge at the LAX Airport in April 2017 on our return from Cancun, Mexico. We were in LAX for a rather long layover. We actually left the airport and walked to In N Out for lunch before coming back to the airport and visiting the Alaska Lounge.

Access to Lounge

We had access to this lounge via the Priority Pass Select provided by my wife’s Chase Sapphire Reserve. We also have Priority Passes from my AMEX Platinum and Ritz Carlton cards. The Alaska Lounge recently implemented a policy that no guests are allowed with the Priority Pass so you’ll each need your own card/membership to get access. This policy was implemented because Alaska Lounges have been dealing with space/capacity issues.

We had tried to visit the lounge on our outbound flight, but there was a sign at the lounge entrance that stated they were not allowing Priority Pass members access due to limited space. Sad day. Keep in mind even with the new rules, this sign stating no Priority Pass access is often out in front of most Alaska Lounges.

Lounge Layout

You take an elevator up to the lounge. I’m actually not sure if there’s even public stairs to gain access. It might be elevator-only. When you enter you’re greeted by Alaska representatives who take down your information. While we were checking in, I overheard the Alaska representatives ask each other if they should put “the sign” out. Luckily they let me and my wife in without any issues.

As you enter the lounge there’s large leather seats to the left as well as a private telephone room. There’s additional seating around the bar, which is at the end of the lounge to the right. Before you reach the bar area, there’s a fountain soda machine and some snacks (mostly just pretzels and other small bar type food). You can order larger snacks/meals, but they cost $5-10.

There are several drinks that you can order from the bar for free and other “premium” drinks cost $4-6 if I remember correctly. We didn’t end up drinking anything besides soda from the fountain machine.

Our Experience

The lounge is pretty small and was quite crowded when we visited. I can see why they have to restrict the amount of guests they can allow in. Also, since it was so crowded I felt kind of weird taking tons of pictures.

We sat in the bar area overlooking the airplane gates. It was a nice view and I enjoyed watching the planes come in and out. The Wi-Fi service worked well and there were plenty of power ports to charge up our devices. Overall, the experience was alright. The food selection was poor, but I still appreciate a comfortable place to hang out for a couple hours. I would definitely visit again if stuck in LAX, but wouldn’t go out of my way to stop by the Alaska Lounge.