Hotel Review: Holiday Inn Express Manchester – Oxford Road

We stayed for two nights at the Holiday Inn Express Manchester – Oxford Road during our round the world trip in June 2017.


I couldn’t find any good hotels that would be worthwhile to book on points. We ended up paying $92/night, which is pretty good for a hotel within the city center.


The hotel is located about one block from the Oxford Road train station. This is one of the main train stations in Manchester. There’s a Starbucks across the street and a couple of other restaurants within a one block radius. It’s only about a 10-15 minute walk from what I would consider the main hub of Manchester.

Hotel Layout

You enter the hotel on the ground floor, but the check-in desks and breakfast area are actually on the basement floor. I believe there were 11 floors total. The elevators were rather narrow and could probably only fit about 5-6 people comfortably.


Because of my IHG Platinum status we were given a room on the top floor. This didn’t really provide any great views though because we were facing out to the south. There was a large plot of land that was being developed just to the southeast of the hotel so who knows what that will become.

The mattress and bedding were both comfortable. However, the couch seemed somewhat dated and definitely needed to be replaced. You could tell the room had received a refresh recently with an attempt to make it more modern, but there were still hints of it being an old building.


Hotel staff were polite, but didn’t really seem to go above and beyond. They were also a little slow at checking people in and out so at certain times the lines at the front desk got rather long. Housekeeping was fine and cleaned our room well.


Breakfast was a typical English breakfast with sausage, baked beans, and eggs. They had cereal, pastries, and some other cold items. The orange juice machine and coffee maker were pretty bad so after the first breakfast we just drank water. There was a decent selection of food, but the quality was mediocre at best. Overall, it was your typical Holiday Inn Express breakfast.

Overall Thoughts

The Holiday Inn Express Manchester – Oxford Road was in a decent location for a good price. The room could use some new fixtures, but overall it was clean and comfortable. Everything else (breakfast, service, etc) about the hotel was pretty average. Nothing great, but nothing terribly bad. If you’re in Manchester for a night a two, this is not a bad place to stay.