Trip Report – Liverpool, England

We arrived in Liverpool around 10:00am on Tuesday morning. We walked from the train station to our hotel, Aloft Liverpool. Our room was ready for us when we checked into the hotel due to SPG status. Because of our jet lag, we had woken up around 5:00am that morning so we actually laid down and took a quick nap.

Magical Mystery Bus Tour (The Beatles)

Per a recommendation from our Manchester Tour Guide, we had purchased tickets online for the 2pm Magical Mystery Bus Tour. We grabbed a bite to eat at a wonderful little Italian restaurant called Casa Italia before heading to our tour. The service was good and the food was delicious.

We hopped on board the Magical Mystery Bus and started our drive throughout Liverpool. The bus tour made stops at several famous Beatles locations including: Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, McCartney Family House, John Lennon’s Childhood Home, and much more. Throughout the tour, the guide explained all of these historic landmarks and of course played the corresponding Beatles songs.

I would highly recommend this tour even if you’re not a huge Beatles fan. It gives you insight into the lives of these men who became legends. The tour also takes you out of the main city center of Liverpool to areas that would be much more difficult to reach via public transit.

Liverpool Cathedral

The next day we had originally planned on taking the train down to Chester, but instead we decided to stay put in Liverpool since there was quite a bit to see/do. After breakfast at the hotel, we made the trek up to the Liverpool Cathedral. It kind of sits on a hill just outside the main city center. It was about a 25 minute walk.

We arrived and wandered around the massive church. It was free to enter and explore. However, you had to pay in order to climb to the top of the cathedral’s main tower. There were two lifts/elevators that took you up to the bell tower. From there you had to hike up several sets of stairs before reaching the open air platform. The view from the top of the tower was pretty impressive and definitely worthwhile. I would highly recommend visiting the cathedral even if you don’t spend the extra money to climb the tower.

On our way to the Liverpool Cathedral, we had passed a restaurant called The Brunch Club. We decided to stop by and grab a bite to eat before exploring the rest of Liverpool. The food there was delicious! I would definitely recommend visiting if you love brunch.

Other Museums

We also visited two of the main Liverpool Museums: Merseyside Maritime Museum and Liverpool Museum. Both of these museums were free to enter and the exhibits were well done. The Maritime Museum had several exhibits dedicated to the Titanic. Little did we know, Liverpool had many connections with people on the Titanic as well as the boat itself.

Mersey Tunnel Tour

We found this tour on Tripadvisor and it was listed as one of the top things to do in Liverpool. We honestly weren’t sure what to expect. You’ll want to email them ahead of time to reserve yoru spot as they only do one tour per day (Tuesday – Thursday) at 5pm. Saturday tours are given at 10am. The tour only costs 6 pounds per person, which must be paid in cash upon arrival. It is definitely worth it!

We arrived and suited up in vests and hard hats. They explained to us how the tunnels were built and all about the current day operations. These long underground tunnels run under the Mersey River. The tunnel was quite the engineering feat when it was originally constructed in 1934. The most interesting concept about the tunnels was that they had to figure out a way to get clean air in and bad air out of the tunnels. This circulation system consists of large fans that help to push and pull the air in and out.

Thoughts on Liverpool

After coming from Manchester, which was a little bit of a letdown, we weren’t really sure what to expect from Liverpool. However, we absolutely loved this cute riverside city. It had a really good mixture of culture and city life. All of the museums were really well done and we definitely enjoyed learning more about the history of The Beatles. Overall, I would definitely suggest spending three to four days in Liverpool if you find yourself in Northern England.