Lounge Review: Premier Lounge – DPS Airport

We visited the Premier Lounge in July 2017 before our Bali to Hong Kong flight.

Access to Lounge

We had access to this lounge via the Priority Pass Select provided by my wife’s Chase Sapphire Reserve. The Priority Pass with the CSR allows unlimited guests for free. We also have Priority Passes from my AMEX Platinum and Ritz Carlton cards.

This lounge is located in the International Terminal and is open 24 hours. There are two other airport lounges in the International Terminal, but are only accessible by having a business/first class ticket for those specific airlines.

Lounge Layout

The lounge is situated just past security and immigration. It sits on the second floor above all the duty free shopping.

The lounge itself was fairly large although there was so much seating it almost felt cramped in some areas. We were there in the early morning so there was only a handful of other guests in the lounge. There was a variety of different seating including couches, tables, lounge chairs, etc. We took our seats at one of the curved couches.

Our Experience

The first thing I noticed as soon as I stepped into the lounge was the smell. I couldn’t really put my finger on it, but it smelled weird. As we walked further into the lounge, I noticed the smell kind of dissipated. I’m not quite sure what it was, but it definitely was not a great first impression.

The food and snack that they had out during the morning were not worth eating. I was hopefully that their juice selection might be okay, but I ended up tossing it after one sip.

The lounge furniture was pretty dated and some of it definitely needed to be replaced. They did have some nice flowers, plants, and art displayed throughout the lounge. The natural lighting was also nice compared to other lounges that feel like a dungeon.

The bathroom was dirty and smelled awful. Part of me wonders if this was the smell I noticed when I initially walked in. I actually visited the public airport bathroom later, which was cleaner than the one in the lounge (that is not a good sign).

Overall, I’d give this lounge a 3 out of 10. While it was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the airport crowds, the lounge did not have good food/drinks and had an interesting odor.

  • Christian

    My wife and I are not fans of this lounge. We’ve been there a few times, and besides the points you mentioned, there were huge crowds and roaches in the food island area. The air conditioning is nice, and I trust the sealed drinks, but it’s among the worse lounges I’ve seen.

    • Wow cockroaches?! That’s pretty disgusting.