How to Earn 3 JetBlue Miles per $1 Spent on Amazon

Who doesn’t shop at Amazon nowadays? It is often the easiest and cheapest way to buy the things you need/want. Here’s how to earn miles on all your Amazon purchases:

  • If you don’t already have a JetBlue TrueBlue account, sign up for one here:
  • Once you have an account, sign in and go to your TrueBlue profile.
  • On the left hand dashboard, click on “Our Partners” and then click “Learn More” under the Amazon partner icon.

  1. Click on “Shop and Earn” (this will redirect you to Amazon)

  1. Add whatever items you were already planning on buying to your cart and check out.

It’s as simple as that. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions as well as the frequently asked questions to ensure that the JetBlue portal properly tracks your purchases. Keep in mind it does take about 30 days for the miles to post to your account.

For instance, I used the JetBlue Amazon portal and purchased this magnetic car mount:

Exactly 30 days later, I saw this transaction on my JetBlue account:

Portals are a great way to earn some points here and there especially if you’re already buying stuff on Amazon. You may only be earning 45-90 miles per Amazon purchase (depending on how much you spend), but these points eventually add up. Combine these points with miles earned from a credit card and you could be on your way to a free flight.