Lounge Review: Korean Air First Class Lounge – ICN Airport

We visited this lounge in July 2017. I was pretty excited to visit this lounge since it is located in Korean Air’s home airport (ICN). I figured it would be one of the better Korean Air lounges.

Lounge Location

This lounge is located past security and immigration. It is on an upper level that overlooks several of the terminal gates. It is nicely tucked away from the busyness of the airport.

Access to Lounge

We had access to this lounge since we were flying on a first class ticket from ICN to LAX.

Lounge Layout

The lounge was quite spacious and there was plenty of seating. It was quite empty while we were there. We opted for a set of comfortable seats with a table. The furniture was pretty modern and in good condition.

OurĀ Experience

We had spent the morning exploring Seoul, in particular Gyeongbokgung Palace. It was rather humid and hot during our visit so by the time we got to the airport we wanted to take showers. Luckily this lounge was equipped with a couple different shower suites. Not wanting to leave our luggage alone, we took turns freshening up.

The shower suites were spacious and clean. The room was well stocked with anything you might need during and after your shower.

After wrapping up our respective showers, we decided to grab some food and drinks. The food and drink options were alright. There were a handful of cold options, which were all kind of picked over. They also had two hot food options, which they had just replaced when we arrived. These dishes consisted of fried rice and noodles. The fried rice was probably the best thing they had out so I had a couple plates of that. I wish they had a little more variety.

The drinks were self-serve like many other lounges. They also had a mini-fridge full of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. My wife and I enjoyed a couple of these. Overall, for a first class lounge, I felt that the food and drinks were pretty average.

There were about three lounge attendants that I saw during our time there. They didn’t really need many attendants managing the lounge given how few guests were there. The lounge workers were friendly and prompt. We had to ring a bell for them to unlock the shower suites and it didn’t take long for them to arrive.

About 10 minutes before our flight was scheduled to board, one of the lounge attendants came by and informed us that the boarding for our flight was delayed. They told us they would make an announcement when we should head down to the gate. It was nice to relax in the lounge rather than waiting at our gate.

Closing Thoughts

There really wasn’t anything special about this lounge. It had good seating and wasn’t overcrowded, but they could definitely use some better food and drink options. I was a little disappointed in Korean Air’s ground service as a whole. You’d think they’d have a much better lounge for their home base airport (ICN). I know plenty of other airlines have over the top lounges for the airport they call home. Overall, this lounge was pretty average especially considering that it was reserved for first class passengers.