Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Chicago

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Chicago for a weekend in August 2017. We arrived late Friday night and left Sunday evening.


The Hyatt Regency Chicago is a category 4 hotel, which means it cost 15,000 Hyatt points per night. Our status at Hyatt was Explorist so we opted to use a club access award to gain access to the Hyatt Regency Club.

We were able to apply the club access award to our reservation by sending a twitter message to the @HyattConcierge.


The hotel is located just off the Chicago River about 2 blocks north of the Millennium Park. During our last stay in Chicago, we stayed at the Hyatt Place Chicago/Downtown-The Loop. The location of the Hyatt Regency Chicago was much more ideal. It was walking distance to all the main sites and offered great views of the river/city.

Hotel Layout

The hotel had a massive lobby and you actually had to take an escalator to get to the check-in desk. There were two separate towers with a skybridge that connected them.


The room was decent size for a standard room. The one bummer was that our room was adjacent to the living room of a suite. In the morning, we could definitely overhear the people in the room next to us. They weren’t being unreasonably loud, but the walls were pretty thin.

The windows were also really dirty. You could tell they hadn’t been cleaned in a while because there were probably about ten spiderwebs up and down the outside of the window. I understand that hotels can’t clean their windows every week, but this window definitely hadn’t been cleaned in a couple months. Everything else about the room was good. Bed was comfortable, bathroom was nice, and storage space was sufficient.


The check-in agent was friendly and helpful. However, later in the weekend, I asked to see if they could help me make change for a $20 bill and pretty much no one in the hotel was able to help.

Housekeeping was prompt and courtesy. After we checked out, we left our bag with the hotel while we explored the city on Sunday afternoon.

Club Lounge

I realized that this was my first experience in a Hyatt Club Lounge in the United States. Previously, all of our experiences have been at international Hyatts. Now I can’t complain about free breakfast. It’s a nice perk and saves us $20-30 every day. However, both mornings the lounge was crowded and the food was pretty picked over. The food itself wasn’t bad, but the lack of consistent service and the busyness of the lounge made the experience sub-par. I completely forgot to take pictures of the lounge during my time there.

Furthermore, when we visited the lounge in the evening all that was left were empty trays. The drinks (wine and hard alcohol) were on the self-serve, honor system. They cost roughly $5-6, which is quite a bit for some basic wine. After about 5 minutes, we grabbed some soda cans and headed back to our rooms.

Closing Thoughts

The location of this hotel is perfect for exploring Downtown Chicago. I would book it simply because of this feature. The room and service were good, but the club lounge was kind of disappointing.

The Hyatt Place Chicago/Downtown-The Loop is 3,000 Hyatt points cheaper per night. Given the additional points you can save I’d probably stay the Hyatt Place over the Hyatt Regency here in Chicago. With that being said, if you have Globalist status with Hyatt, the possible suite upgrades might make booking the Regency worthwhile.