Reselling Garth Brooks Tickets (Tacoma + Nashville)

Garth Brooks is a pretty big country star. He was going on a concert tour this fall/winter. The interesting thing about his concerts is that all the tickets are priced the same. Floor seats cost the exact same price as nosebleed seats. This means that you can score some premium seats for relatively cheap.

Tacoma Tickets

The first show that went on sale that I decided to buy was his concert at the Tacoma Dome. It’s kind of nice to buy tickets to venues nearby because if all else fails my wife and I can just go to the concert ourselves (even though we’re not big concert people). The other thing worth noting about Garth Brooks is that he tends to only initially list one show. Once that show sells out, they add additional shows on the days before and after.

I was able to snag tickets for Saturday, November 4th at 7:30pm. These tickets were located towards the back of the Floor Section. I paid a total of $154 for both tickets after Ticketmaster fees. As soon as I secured the tickets, I immediately listed them on StubHub for $127 each. They sold within 30 minutes of listing them. I received payment of $229 after fees. This meant I made a total profit of $75 for a quick flip. The ROI on these tickets was ~49%.

About an hour after my tickets had sold, it looked like the reselling market dropped quite a bit because he opened up additional shows. Pro-tip: Get your tickets listed quickly!

Nashville Tickets

After my success with the Tacoma tickets, I decided it was probably worth buying tickets for Garth Brooks’ Nashville show. I was able to get four tickets in about four rows up from the floor. The total was $305 after fees.

I had selected mobile delivery for these tickets thinking that once I had been approved to sell mobile tickets on StubHub I could do so for any show/event. Unfortunately, when I went to go list my tickets on StubHub I realized that you have to get approval for each event.

I wanted to get these listed fast since the reselling market tends to drop as he opens up additional shows. For this reason, I decided to sell them on eBay instead of StubHub. I listed the set of four tickets for $800 (basically $200/ticket). Within 15 minutes of posting on eBay, I received a few different messages asking if I’d be willing to sell just two tickets at $400. I contacted each of the buyers. I told them that I would be cancelling the original listing and re-posting as two separate listings each with a pair of tickets.

Once the new listings were posted I sent both buyers a link to the new listings, which they purchased immediately. After fees, I earned $776 for a total profit of $471. The ROI on these tickets was ~154%. Again, not bad for flipping the tickets within a couple hours of purchasing.

Closing Thoughts

The thing that makes Garth Brooks such an easy reselling play is that all his ticket prices are the same. If you get premium seats and list your tickets quickly, you can flip them for pretty easy money.