Where We Traveled in 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, I noticed several news articles listing the best places to visit for 2018. It made me start to reflect on this past year and all the adventures my wife and I have been on.

I realize that we travel more than the average couple, but experiencing new places truly is our passion. Whenever we spend more than a month without visiting the SeaTac Airport, something feels wrong. The travel bug has bit us and let me tell you it’s itchy as hell. I keep a google doc of all of our travel plans for the calendar year. Our 2017 Trip Planning Google Doc was no joke. It’s over 30 pages long. In addition to this document, I also mapped out all our flights using FlightMemory.

In 2017, we’ve flown over 64,000 miles, which is equivalent to flying around the earth over 2.5 times. We spent over 136 hours in an airplane. Yikes!

Here is a map of our domestic flights:

Here is a map of our international flights:

Lastly, here is a breakdown of the airports/airlines we flew from/on:

Flying has become a part of the travel experience for me especially since flying in business and first class. It was a lot of fun looking at all this data! Before inputting this data, I didn’t even realize how much we had flown in and out of Oakland in 2017. We also definitely took advantage of the last year of our Southwest Companion Pass¬†with 22 flights in 2017. Thanks for the memories 2017! Looking forward to where our travels will take us in 2018.